Moving Checklist

Here's a comprehensive moving checklist for someone who is moving homes:

2-3 Months Before the Move

1. Create a Moving Binder or Digital Folder:

Keep all moving-related documents, quotes, receipts, and contracts in one place.

2. Hire a Moving Company or Rent a Truck

Research and book a reputable moving company or arrange for a rental truck if you're planning a DIY move.

3. Declutter and Donate/Sell Unwanted Items:

Go through your belongings and decide what to keep, sell, donate, or discard.

4. Notify Service Providers:

Alert your current utility providers (electricity, water, gas, internet) of your move and arrange for services to be transferred or disconnected.

5. Order Packing Supplies:

Purchase or acquire packing materials like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and markers.

6 Weeks Before the Move

6. Create an Inventory:

Make a list of all your belongings, especially valuable or fragile items.

7. Start Packing Non-Essential Items:

Begin with items you don't use daily, like seasonal clothing, books, and decorations.

8. Arrange for School/Work Transfers

Notify schools or workplaces of your upcoming move, and arrange for any necessary transfers.

4 Weeks Before the Move

9. Notify Financial Institutions:

Inform your bank, credit card companies, and insurance providers of your change of address.

10. Set Up Mail Forwarding:

Contact your local post office or set up mail forwarding online.

11. Confirm Moving Details:

Reconfirm the moving date, time, and any specific requirements with your chosen moving company or truck rental agency.

2 Weeks Before the Move

12. Pack a "Moving Day" Box:

Include essential items like important documents, toiletries, a change of clothes, and snacks.

13.Dispose of Hazardous Materials:

Properly dispose of items like cleaning supplies, paint, and chemicals that can't be moved.

14. Confirm Travel Arrangements:

If you're traveling separately from your belongings, confirm your travel plans.

1 Week Before the Move

15. Double-Check Moving Day Details:

Confirm all details with the moving company or rental agency.

16. Disassemble Furniture:

Take apart any furniture that needs to be disassembled for the move.

17. Set Aside Important Documents:

Keep passports, birth certificates, medical records, and other important documents in a secure place.

Moving Day

18. Final Walkthrough:

Walk through your current residence one last time to ensure nothing is left behind.

19. Oversee Loading of Belongings:

If using a moving company, supervise the loading of your belongings onto the truck.

20. Lock Up and Turn Off Utilities:

Ensure all windows and doors are locked, and utilities are turned off.

Upon Arrival in Your New Home

21. Initial Walkthrough:

Conduct a thorough inspection of your new home before unpacking.

22. Begin Unpacking:

Start with essential items and gradually work through the rest.

23. Update Address and Register Vehicles:

Update your address with local authorities, banks, and service providers.

Remember to adapt this checklist based on your specific circumstances and needs. This comprehensive list should help you stay organized throughout your moving process!